about me

hi! i'm orchid (she/her). along with everyone else who is as much as a loser as i am, i struggle to write about myself and my interests. but i'll try my best. i like to create things, and this site is a hub for all of that. i've dabbled in music, videography, photography, writing, art...pretty much any creative outlet you can think of. i'm also a digital archivist, RPG enthusiast, and wannabe developer.

if you're interested in music commissions, please reach out to me at one of the contact locations listed below. we can discuss prices there. thank you.

this site is still a huge work in progress, but i'm slowly chipping away at it! and if you're on mobile, please switch to desktop if possible! this site wasn't designed with mobile in mind.



video games ~ Bloodborne, UNDERTALE, deltarune, MOTHER, OpenTTD, Terraria, The Binding of Isaac, DOOM (1993), Final Fantasy, Celeste

music ~ GTBSG, Yung Lean, Yabujin, HAUNTED MOUND, Black Kray, LIL UGLY MANE, Yung Bruh, Hi-C, Lil B, Chief Keef, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, The Microphones, Modest Mouse, goreshit

movies / tv / anime ~ Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart, Nichijou, Breaking Bad, The Blair Witch Project

literature ~ Lovecraft (give recs please)


currently playing ~ Final Fantasy XI, UNDERTALE Yellow, Tomato Adventure, Rune Factory, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

backlog ~ Baldur's Gate 3, Inscryption, Drawf Fortress, RimWorld, Tears of the Kingdom, Dark Cloud, The Coffin of Andy and Leyley, EarthBound


GPG key

fingerprint: 6564 C5ED 7E85 9AB4 93E1 8ADF EC88 5A59 FB0E 4223

key: pubkey.asc

IRC ~ orchidcnr @ hackint

if you see me online, please message me here. yes, i'm a stupid nerd who prefers decentralized contact.

matrix ~ @orchidcnr:matrix.org

my "main" conventional messenger. if you don't have an account, it's completely free, and is a much better alternative to Discord.

discord ~ 10kmotorola

not my preferred platform, but i'm more active here due to its larger userbase.

bandcamp ~ orchidcnr

where all my music is located!

itch.io ~ orchidcnr

i haven't updated this page in a long time, so this acts as an outdated alternative to bandcamp currently. go here if you'd like to download/purchase my music but you dislike bandcamp.

bluesky ~ orchid.wtf

the only social media i'm somewhat active on. even then, i don't post much. i really try to stay away from social media these days.

steam ~ orchid

i play games here! if you ever wanna play a PC game with me for some reason, here's where i am. i also finally got a steam deck recently so i've been a lot more active.

github ~ mariospicross

where i code and do other funny little shenanigans. you can also find my slightly outdated dotfiles here!

retroachievements ~ orchidcnr

one of my favorite online communities. retroachievements is a brilliant site that adds community made achievements to retro games via emulation. i mostly develop achievements and participate in community events.

retroachievements (alt) ~ conair

my mostly unused retroachievements alt account.

backloggd ~ orchidcnr

reviews and ratings of video games! i'm quite active on here. don't take my ratings too seriously; i mainly use this site to log games anyway.

rateyourmusic ~ ConairWasTaken

yup, i'm a loser. i'm not as active here as i used to be, but i always rate and log new releases when i listen to them here. you can also see a lot of my past ratings that i keep up to date with my current opinions. also one of the last places where i still go by my old username as changing usernames on rym requires premium. (i had the "WasTaken" moniker before Dream was around, i swear)

also!!!! feel free to sign my guestbook!