the home page for all of my music, with free FLAC downloads! clicking the cover art for any project will also take you to its Bandcamp page if you wish to support me there. the audio player used on this page is 8sumint_'s super meow player! check out their awesome website!!



my current, main project. i release basically whatever i want under this alias and it will probably stay that way for the rest of time.

Beautiful Girls

March 27th, 2024

really really super awesome collab track with Velamy. i looooove how this turned out. i really wanna make more shit like this; i love listening to nightcore EDM shit. this might be my best song??? idk but making this has inspired me to make a full remix tape/mix in the future :). go check out Velamy she did the awesome drop at the end with the cool instrument and chopped up the hakase clip!! she makes awesome music which i mix and master and am sometimes featured in!!!!


Retna's Impurity

January 16th, 2024

the first time i've written one of these write-ups on the day of release! i've been working on this project for a few months now, and i think i'm finally happy to release it. this is basically the successor to "8-bit dreaming", this time in full 16-bit SNES glory! i used exclusively SNES and GBA soundfonts (not counting a Touhou snare) to make this, which is probably why you'll recognize a few instruments when listening to this. i mostly used the Earthbound, FFVI, Secret of Mana, and MOTHER 3 soundfonts, but also some other ones like Yoshi's Island, Live A Live, Terranigma, and Mega Man 7. i tried to use some motifs in this for the first time just to give it a nice sense of familiarity and comfort. probably my favorite project i've ever made.


moonlit jams

December 16th, 2023

my most recent project, consisting of a ton of scrapped / unfinished material from the past five or so years. most of the tracks here saw me digging into the original FLP where i changed and finished what was left of them. this proved to be annoying, as i didn't have a lot of the original samples, plugins, etc. but i did what i could and i'm pretty proud with how it turned out. obviously not my most "serious" or "conceptual" release, but who cares. some of them i couldn't even find the original projects for or were missing too many samples to be recoverable. there's still a lot of projects on my hard drive that aren't in this release, as i tried to keep a relatively high standard of quality. maybe one day in the future you'll see a sequel to this consisting of much lower quality songs.



October 11th, 2023

my attempt at a plugg song, inspired by Yabujin's "PiNK WiNDOWS". i actually made this within a Windows VM, before i got FL Studio working under Linux. it was very annoying due to the lag and second or two delay between audio and visuals. i also made a music video for this track, but i haven't uploaded it officially anywhere.


8-bit dreaming

April 10th, 2023

hey, that cover looks familiar!!! yep, the animated background for this site is an edited version of this album cover. i was heavily inspired by Kazukii & Dianna's "Design", as well as bladee's "The Silent Boy Cries". as for the music, it's a bunch of chiptune and 8-bit adjacent tracks i made when experimenting with making music for an RPG my friend and i were making. that RPG hasn't, and probably will never, come to fruition, so i ended up just releasing what i had made as a little project. i love this one a lot and i'm super proud of how it came out. except for "caves" i guess, as that was made just for the purpose of being a filler track lol. as of the time i'm writing this, i'm actually working on a project inspired by Super Nintendo RPGs such as FFVI and Secret of Mana, so i hope you look forward to that!


ocean's end

January 18th, 2023

another little single that i made for my girlfriend. it samples the Aether Minecraft mod soundtrack, a mod and OST that means a lot to her. this one was actually pretty challenging to make, as the sample is in 3/4. i could've chopped it up to be 4/4, but i wanted to challnge myself.


sanoke's theme

January 6th, 2023

a collab with my girlfriend on a Yabujin inspired electronic track. the title was inspired by the same sanoke from my moonlit jams project, so read the bandcamp description on that for some backstory. i'm not a big fan of this song but really it was just us fucking around and experimenting. i like the cover a lot though, as i think it captures the whole mid-2000s era this song was inspired by. the first song i released under orchid though, so that's neat!



my ambient / vaporwave project, plus a random dnb/breakcore album for some reason. this was my first attempt at releasing "serious" music, and i'm pretty proud with how it panned out. it actually ended up garnering a decent amount of supporters, which i'm super grateful for. one of the projects even ended up on Slushwave Social's little album showcase! alias is pronounced "ran" and translates to "Orchid".


September 18th, 2022

i didn't plan on this being the final release under this alias, but i guess it fits the occasion well. it's funny that this project has the most features i've ever had on a release, considering it's length. i'm very happy with how it turned out. i was inspired by listening to snowblower's "him" while reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. the book itself was pretty alright, but i cherish the memories of listening to that song while reading after biking to a nearby pond on brisk autumn nights. i really should read more, i would love to get deeper into Lovecraft's works. i digress. this is probably the project of mine i look back at most fondly, which in turn makes it my favorite. cool little fact about every project under this alias: their covers are all pulled from Japanese television broadcasts from the 80s and 90s, which is why they have such an authentic look. this cover is absolutely my favorite out of them all. translates to "Sea of Flowers".



July 18th, 2022

the one and only single i released under this alias, being a chillwave / downtempo experiment. i really enjoyed learning how to use Miku for this though i'll probably never do it again; it was so tedious and i didn't really understand what i was doing. the instrumental was made pretty smoothly though, which usually doesn't happen. the only thing i don't really like about this track is the drums. i think i could do a lot better job on them these days. translates to "Love Letter".



June 18th, 2022

my third project under this alias, and the first one i released that wasn't ambient. this was my first time experimenting with breakcore and dnb, with "現在覚醒" being the first song i made for this project. you can definitely tell this was my first time toying with the genres, as it's super rough around the edges. i still really enjoy the songs here though. i actually planned on releasing this under a new alias, "花子" (Hanako), but i decided against it for some reason. this one tells the story of someone being transported to a dreamland of sorts, and plays a lot with the ideas of the past, present, and future. translates to "Memories of Tomorrow".



May 29th, 2022

ambient project number two. while my first album was themed around the universe, this one tells a story of two people who fall in love, only for it to fall apart. original, i know. this one is a lot more slushwave-y than my first album, but both definitely fall under ambient. a lot of old Japanese television broadcasts were sampled in the making of this project, probably in places you would never think of. if you download the album there's a little pdf that gives title translations and descriptions, so you can look through that while listening for a better grasp on the narrative. same can be said for Memories of Tomorrow and Cosmic Promenade. translates to "With My Heart in Your Hands".



April 12, 2022

after listening to a ton of t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, 2814, and desert sand feels warm at night, i decided to throw one of my socks against a brick wall in hopes of the friction letting it stick. i made the majority of this at a house i didn't like, staring out my window in the nighttime, knowing that the following day would be a repeat of the last. i think a lot of my sorrow can be found within this project, whether that be via its desolate atmosphere or via its harrowing story. this project tells the story of someone who is rebirthed into space and follows their journey as they drift throughout the universe. their short life is filled with so many beautiful things: the glowing stars, the blinding sun, endless galaxies filled with limitless possibilities. but they aren't fulfilled. eventually, when they finally believe they've found a way out of this unlikely hell, they are reminded of their destiny, and die, as the cycle continues for the rest of eternity. translates to "Cosmic Promenade".



this section is for all of the tracks i'm featured on, not separated by aliases or anything.

lotus 蓮

October 1st, 2022

a breakcore collab with my girlfriend for her debut album. this song originated as a sample i found in some sample pack and just kept growing and growing. i didn't do any of the breaks on this track (minus the bridge), but i did a majority of the instruments. i also mixed and mastered this plus the rest of the album, so i recommend you check it out!